Why donate to kars for kids?

Kars4Kids provides the foundation that children need to lead successful, happy lives- and feel at peace with themselves.

Whether it’s through our mentorship program, the haven our after-school programs have become, or the warm care that they receive in our summer camp, the kids know we’re going to bat for them. We’ve brought this same vision to so many communities by supplying grants to those focused on making a difference and touching 32,000 lives in the process. 

Kids are our future. You may think of it as tired jargon, but this tired jargon happens to be speaking the truth. It’s something we’ve always fiercely believed, and we’re going to be there for our children as they each begin to navigate their unique journey. Our programs include educational services, youth mentorship and development, community and family outreach and cultural events. We need the kids, and the kids need our support.

Donating a car to Kars4Kids is insanely easy. We make it so simple, you’d probably have a harder time deciding what to eat for dinner. (Or for your third dinner. No judgement.) You can fill out all the information we need in just two minutes, schedule a pickup time, and we’ll see you within 24-48 hours to get that car out of your hair.

Besides, there’s that tax deduction you’ll be receiving, based on the full sale value of your car. Kars4Kids world hard to sell your car for the best price possible, which means a better tax advantage for you and more money for charity. 

And in case you’re snoozin’ as soon as we mention taxes, might we bring your attention to the vacation voucher you’ll be receiving as our little way of saying thank you? Kars4Kids donors automatically qualify for a 3-day, 2-night hotel stay. You’ll receive a voucher within a few weeks of your donation. So go ahead. Click that “Donate” button and start googling dream destinations.