Did you ever wonder what kind of cars get donated to Kars4Kids? Well, wonder no more! We post our most exceptional, oddest, amazing and crazy donations. Scroll through the site to check out your favorites, and make sure to leave us your thoughts!

PS: No, we will not sell you our cars… Sorry! Check out what happens to the car once we receive it.

Real car donated to


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2005 Gray Hummer H2

Kars4Kids receives donations from all over America by people who love helping kids. 

Here, at our Kars4Kids Garage, we showcase some of the wildest, most amazing, truly beautiful donations that we have gotten. So, go ahead, scroll down…

The car you will find below was 100% a real donation to Kars for Kids…As cool as some of these pictures look, these are real donations to Kars for kids.

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3 Responses

  1. II need it to know if you guys give cars to an adult who needs it see you have Humba That would be perfect for the client who I take care of He is in a wheel chair and I cannot take him out because my vehicle is too small

  2. Can you message me more information please? I’m interested but you like the information first and what state are you in?

  3. Ohh my goodness! My son Brandon will be 18yrs on October 8th of this year. He is physically and mentally disabled. He is non verbal and will never drive. He is SO smart and understands every single word spoken. He loves big cars and limousines and trucks. I am on disability myself for thyroid cancer [resolved!) and 4 major back surgeries. I know I could never get this truck for him but he sure loves looking! God Bless everyone and thank you for all you do.

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