1970 Green Chevy Impala donated to Kars For Kids - front left view


1877 Kars 4 Kids

Donate Your Car Today!

Kars For Kids is lucky enough to receive donations from all over America by people who love helping kids and appreciate our mission.

Did you ever wonder what kind of cars get donated to Kars4Kids? Well, wonder no more! Kars 4 Kids Garage is where we showcase some of these beauties, so you can see the wild and unique donations that we have received over the years.

We try to post the most exceptional, odd, amazing and crazy vehicles. Scroll through the site to browse and check out your favorites! Don’t forget to leave us your comments.

As cool as some of the cars you will find below seem, they’re all actual donations that we received. After all, it takes a pretty cool person to donate to Kars4Kids.

But before you ask… No, we will not sell you our cars. Sorry! Read on to find out what happens to the car once we receive it.

1986 Red Porsche 911 Carrer donated to Kars For Kids - front right view


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